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About Timbba™

Timbba™ is a workflow automation & Fraud prevention/detection solution. It helps organizations to add predictibility and monitoring around Gate-In, Sawmill processing and Gate-out (Loading).
Timbba™ is a fully secure solution with multiple layers of security around user data.
The realtime capture of data and monitoring via Mobile application prevents leakage and improve the efficiency.
Timbba™ helps saving significant revenues by stopping leakage & frauds at every steps of operation. It's strong reporting allowed organization to verify real time stock and variation against any consignment.

Consignments Import

Import details of consignment with single click. Support multiple formats in importing data.

Barcode Scanner

Inbuilt Barcode/QR code scanner in the mobile application.It is time saver and increased efficiency to many folds.

Verification of Logs

It provides instant verification of logs whether the log belongs to the category Tally or Non-Tally.

Role Based Access

Data access security &visibility only on the basis of user role.


Provides different types of reports such as Gate Entry, Machine Variation, Stock details and Grade Wise layouts.

Manual Barcode

In case barcode is not scanned, it provides facility to do manual entry of barcode.

Batch Management

Consignment having number of batches which can be managed based on the entry of vehicle number, customer name and gate pass.

Customer Management

Improved efficiency in serving clients and increased team collaboration.

Non Tally Logs Management

Provides proper management of logs whose bar code is not scanned.

End to End Process


Load consignment data from Supplier in simple clicks. Set the consignment as Gate-Ready


Scan data from Timbba™ mobile application and validate all logs with correct grades. Scan logs on Sawmill to auto calculate the CFT volume and verify variation.


Then collaborate all the data.


Verify and fetch data with various reports like Gate report, Machine report, Loading Report, Consignment Report.

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Mobile application for real-time monitoring which is used to automate process within timber industry using Artificial intelligence and mobility. Inbuilt Barcode/QR code scanner is also available in the mobile application

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