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Each day Timbba team receives different questions from clients, users, and from the general public. There are several questions addressed by potential Timbba users while using it. So, Timbba team has compiled most of the questions in this blog for client satisfaction and tries to clear queries in the best way.

Q1 – Why should I use Timbba instead of manually measuring logs?

There are many good reasons you should use Timbba rather than doing manual log measuring. First of all, Timbba has an Inbuilt Barcode/QR code scanner in the mobile application. Each log having barcodes that can be scan by Timbba inbuilt scanner and verify all logs with correct grades within a second. It means Timbba saves your time and money both.

Secondly, Timbba auto-calculates the CFT volume and verifies variation. Digital measurement gives you more accurate data in seconds.

Lastly, Timbba helps the admin with a mobile application for real-time monitoring and fetch and verify various reports. Timbba saves tons of paperwork and saves data on cloud technology so there is no chance of theft.

Q2 – Does Timbba work even without an internet connection?

Yes, you can work with Timbba without an internet connection. As soon as you get back in the coverage zone, the data will be automatically sent to the cloud server, where you can edit and download the reports.

Q3 – Why is it that sometimes, Timbba app is unable to scan the barcode logs?

Primarily, this is related to tempered barcodes/QR codes while shipping logs. So, Timbba app provides the manual entry option that verifies the logs just enter the barcode number. At night due to low visibility, Timbba inbuilt scanner can work on a smartphone torch.

Q4 – What happens if the user scanned the same barcode twice and how can I correct it?

Generally, the Timbba scanner gives notification to the user while doing scanning a duplicate barcode or he can delete the duplicate barcode in the batch list itself. If in case scanned data has been uploaded to the server so, the admin has an option in the conflict section to delete or edit the duplicate barcodes.

Q5 – Is that our data is safe in Timbba and how can I share data with the buyer or seller?

Yes, definitely Timbba is based on cloud technology which gives multi-layer security to user data, only the customer can access the data. Only admin can access data and all reports are accessible in reporting module where you can view or download reports in various format and send across buyer or seller.

Q6 – How many users I can create in Timbba?

Timbba offers customized packages for the sawmill depending upon the number of machines currently running. So, you create users according to the packages. Whereas you can assign different roles to the user according to your need.

Q7 – Is there any extra cost I have to pay for any customization required in Timbba?

No, there is no extra cost required for customization, all costs have been included in the package.

Q8 – What modules I will get in Timbba?

Timbba covers all required modules i.e. Gate Entry Module, Machines Module, Stock Management Module, Loading Module, Reporting Module.

Q9 – What will happen if I lost my data or if servers go down?

Don’t worry your data is secure with Timbba. All data and information are stored in the cloud and saved in the storage platform once the user uploaded the data.

Q10 – What kind of device do I need to use Timbba?

Timbba simply works on android & iOS phones which gives a user-friendly interface to the staff and helps them to work in an easy way.

Q11 – How can I monitor my purchased logs and track day to day activity in the sawmill?

Timbba reporting module provides all-access to admin to verify reports, the owner knows the purchased quantity and after scanning logs, he knows the decreasing purchase material. For E.g: Let’s say you ordered 1000 CBM of logs at our sawmill and actually you received only 850 CBM after verified by Timbba. Earlier it was tough to keep track of the whole material and calculating the logs measurement at the same time. Now the process is very easy and there there is no chance of errors.

You can monitor the work of staff in machines they can’t replace the logs with other logs, they can’t feed the wrong girth of log because Timbba will identify immediately. Also, Timbba can check the decreasing CFT value of each log in real-time. Also, you can get the reports for a variation on logs at the end of the day.

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