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How Digitalization is Transforming the Timber Industry

In the timber industry, especially in sawmills we still see identical processes and measurement work in the traditional way as they were used decades ago. While the globe is changing at a high speed, it’s the role of administrators and their staff to seek out solutions that may improve the workload, increasing demand. Although these processes usually take time, must be adapted and integrated by respective managers demanding full cooperation among different staff to create those innovative solutions work. If we talked about the timber industry of India now the market is rising and also the sawmills have to adapt to the market changes. So, digitization is the only key to survival within the industry, that’s why adopting technology assures success especially once you give some thought to business profitability.

Role of Digitization in the Timber Industry

Keeping in mind the digitizing and after done so much R&D in the timber industry we introduced Timbba. Our team is working with many timber sawmills across different parts of the country and helps them to work smarter, faster, and easier with the Timbba. Timbba motive in the timber industry is to save time, labor force, and their processes more objective.

What are the challenges faced by sawmills using traditional methods?

The traditional method of measuring timber logs and manual bookkeeping using timber sawmills is a time taking process which results in slower growth. With manual measurement there are certain challenges faced by timber sawmills mentioned below:

  • Measuring a large number of logs in a very less time
  • Incorrect data or reports
  • Wrong results
  • Difficulties to check all steps
  • Unsafe record keeping

Keeping stock up-to-date and organized is important to maximize the value of each log. If the process takes too much time, the log/sawn wood may lose value or simply have to be discarded or used in activities that are not its primary purpose. Also, it directly affects a final order to the end customer as a result the companies may lose trust. For those reasons, we decided to develop Timbba which gives benefit to the timber sawmills.

  • Faster measurement which improves the productivity
  • All data in digital format
  • Reduce leakage and frauds
  • Complete reports
  • Transparency in work
  • Organized Stock
  • Trackability
  • Real-time data

Digital logs measurement: How you can reduce your costs?

Timbba completely works on smartphones with the help of the Timbba Android & iOS application, So there are no reasons to invest in any semi-manual tools, machines, or hardware in a sawmill. For, Example let’s say a barcode scanner machine cost is between (Rs. 15,000-50,000) but while using these machines company facing major challenges like – Machines not able to read data metric codes in gate entry scanning, Slow connectivity issue, User not able to send data in a real-time. On other hand, Timbba works on any smartphones, which saves money and time. Timbba inbuilt application scanner works on any kind of barcodes, QR Codes, Data metric codes, also works on offline while scanning, User can easily share any data in real-time. In Timbba all data stored in digital format and it is highly secure on the cloud so, if the admin wants to retrieve any report he can easily access any time. Now, these days timber companies understand how important the adaptability of digital transformation not because of the profitability but also for staff productivity and skills.

Timbba helps users to scan barcodes digitally which hardly takes less than a second to complete the log scan, meaning less time is spent by a user in the field avoiding human error and shared data in a digital format. Also, it’s possible to verify all the measurements remotely, helping managers/admin working at home to keep track of all activity in a company. By Timbba innovative solution the digital data and reports management numbers are growing day by day, meaning that timber companies, understanding that a digital way to do a conventional task can be way more efficient and helpful for them.

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